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Default I told you this years ago:

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Subject: I told you this years ago:

Here's something else that I said some time back, admittedly it was
published about an year back but I never saw it until yesterday:
New research from satellite man Dr Roy Spencer, principal research
scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and maintainer of
the UAH temperature record, sheds some light on climate science's
"missing heat" mystery.
Climate models have predicted more warming than the instruments have
measured u leading to various explanations.
One paper claims the heat is real, but it's deep in the oceans, and
there's no mystery.
NASA's James Hansen u in a private paper released earlier this year u
disagrees. Hansen says the heat isn't in the oceans at all, but simply
hasn't manifested itself in the form of global warming, because of man-
made and natural aerosols.
The models "mix heat too efficiently into the deep ocean and as a
result underestimate the negative forcing by human-made aerosols,"
says the Yoda of Catastrophic Man-made Global Warming.
Earlier this month, a team led by an economist pronounced that aerosol
emissions from Chinese coal stations were "consistent with" Yoda's
Spencer's work, published in the journal Remote Sensing, concludes
that more energy is radiated back to space than previously thought,
and it is released earlier, too.
Spencer looked at warming events (he used Hadley's temperature record
and the CERES energy sensor data from NASA's Terra satellites) and
compared the empirical evidence against six climate models.
The paper, On the Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedbacks from
Variations in Earth's Radiant Energy Balance, by Spencer and William
Braswell, essentially says the climate is too chaotic to say with
certainty what is going on. According to the paper:
"[A]tmospheric feedback diagnosis of the climate system remains an
unsolved problem, due primarily to the inability to distinguish
between radiative forcing and radiative feedback in satellite
radiative budget observations.
"The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to
space during and after warming than the climate models show," says the
sceptical scientist (he calls himself a "climate optimist").
This should help save the lives of a few people in New Zealand.
Apparently the suicide rate in the land of tree huggers is the highest
in the world.
Con someone please tell me why methane and moisture should have EVER
been considered uncontrolled greenhouse gases?
I'll admit that with a solubility of about 1 litre of gas to 1
imperial quart of water, carbon dioxide could possibly have made it
into the sea.
(Once it had cooled down enough to be heavier than nitrogen and oxygen
and got out of the way of serious uplift. But even then it would have
never been a part of an heat island -with all the strings attached to
that little inconsistency.)
But not even British climatologists have supposed that to be the
reason seas warm up under cloudy skies just before super cyclones
Although it must be said they know so little about Rossby waves they
allude to some super-cells in the northern hemisphere being "caused by
el ninos".
(Can you believe that?)
Yes of course you can, I was forgetting.
You poor, poor dears.
Ah, pity.
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