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Default Clandestine Weather Modification (Plane captured in the act;Complete CWM briefing)

On Friday, 26 October 2001 14:40:48 UTC+1, J_Pal wrote:
Prove yourself right, idiot. When does "prove me wrong" mean you must be
right? I could say "I've been to Venus; prove "me wrong!". Are you aware of
what kinds of real conspiracies are going on often, around you, that you
wouldn't even notice because your head is in the clouds? The US government
is NOT responsible for other peoples' screwed up weather patterns; not yet
anyway. If you really want to do something about the environment, quit
paying your taxes. The government sits on its' ass and lets the hugely rich
who own the corporations continue to pollute as they have since the
industrial revolution began. It's ridiculous, and they're letting it happen.
Would you pay me thousands of dollars per year to say I am protecting you,
when you never see me around, nothing changes, polluters keep polluting, and
I keep coming up with better and better stories to explain to you why the
pollution is necessary to some degree, but that it's really getting better?
I don't think anyone would, but you go along to get along, because people
don't stand up together, and when it's only a few, you can expect to see the
IRS at your door with UZIs.

Dick Eastman wrote in message
The private World Weather Organization has finally been caught
close up. Now how does the world pull them into court for the
tens of thoushands of lives and the multiple billions of dollars
damages their playing God has caused.
Thu Jul 19 20:25:55 2001
Clandestine Weather Modification Hammering the Earth
Capt. D.A. Wheeler

Whether you want to believe it or not, there exists ample evidence of
massive tampering with the natural weather patterns on planet earth by the
military/industrial complex to further their own evil agendas.This

precipitation deluge/denail to either create too much rain or destroy

through droughts. Either method is obviously catastrophic.There is no
credible proof global warming is causing this as thousands of highly
intelligent, scientists with common sense have proven time and again. I

checked solar flare data, and it is not a factor. So one can deduce that

is most likely manmade in origin and its effects have been deadly. Watch
this fall when the hurricane season starts, I find it amazing the

are already calling this season a whopper before it even starts, when
computer models cant even predict a hailstorm let alone a Cat 5 hurricane
until its on top of you. Even with favorable conditions for hurricanes the
models are sketchy at best.Please check out the following sites for more
I hope you find the above data informative, as the earth's weather

are a "chaotic" system that will seek its own equilibrium if left alone..

if you introduce large changes in that system, other parts of the world

"equalise" that disturbance with often catastrophic effects. By the way,
have you noticed the earhtquakes in California, and up the west coast? Not
all of these are natural in origin, as the USGS does not report all
earhtquakes for some strange reason.The Russians have had Tesla/Scalar
weapons for decades. Prove me wrong!

God Bless,


In an envrionment of government
secrecy the citizen must use the
methods of science to uncover
abuse and hold officials accountable.
Sufficient evidence has accumulated
to justify the suspicion that
cloud-generation technologies are
being used to redirect, attenuate
and intensify the natural course
of meteorological and oceanographical
events by changing lower-atmosphere
pressure (air density)-- what the
public is begining to call clandestine
weather modification.

An ezboard web resource for
interdisciplinary investigation
of the possibility of clandestine
weather modification has just been
created. People are invited to post
anything there which they deem
relevant to

1) interpreting the observations
and documents that have
occasioned the CWM explanation;

2) evaluating soundness of the
science that is being
attributed to CWM; or

3) refuting or supporting the
necessary implications of CWM
if it is taking place.

The following essay presents one
first-hand observer's grounds for
suspicion that chemtrails are
clandestine weather modification
in action.

Dick Eastman

Numerous worldwide "chemtrail" reports ( for examples, see, ,
and )
support no other explanation than that large-scale operations are underway
that are modifying the atmosphere with "treatment" that only the most

or short-term observer might mistake for the ordinary vapor-trail
condensation of jet aircraft or natural cloud cover.

And when concerned citizens bring this abnormality, so obviously filling

sky, to the attention of appropriate authorities, including the
Environmental Protection Agency -- a bureaucracy often so direct and
aggressive in investigating all leads on infractions of air-quality
regulations -- we quickly learn that our government is neither anxious to
impound airplanes and levy fines, nor willing to ease growing public
confusion and fear concerning what is being done to our atmosphere and


The time has come to subject the following as-yet-unrefuted but also
under-tested thesis to every possible criticism andtest that disinterested
research can bring to bear.

The Clandestine Weather Modification Thesis:

Since at least 1992 major weather events have been shaped by the

of technologies that alternately heat or cool precise parcels of the lower
atmosphere, thereby decreasing or increasing, respectively, the density of
those parcels, in order to alter the pressure-system dynamics that

would naturally obtain; this being a means of governing the movement of

and moisture within the atmosphere, but also of redirecting wind-pushed
currents of warm or cool water near the surface of the seas -- the
interaction of marine and atmospheric events both monitored and

by real-time sensors, signal-processing, and intervention hardware.

Let us consider the two distinct sets of technologies that give

Weather Modification its directive "push" and "pull" capabilities,
technologies involving the generation of cloud, using aircraft, and the
dissipation of cloud, using remote high- energy radio-energy generating
stations respectively.

How "Chemtrail" Cloud "Pushes" Weather Systems

If CWM is real, then the non-dissipating cloud-cover-creating
contrails/chemtrails terrifying the observant are most-likely being

to reduce the amount of solar energy reaching precisely determined patches
of the earth's survace, land or ocean, in order to effect
lower-than-otherwise surface temperatures and, concomitantly,
higher-than-otherwise barometric pressure in the troposphere, or lower
atmosphere, immediately above the patch.

(Consider a pan on a stove with water heated a-little-short of the boiling
point. The heat at the bottom of the pan sets up convection currents,and
thus a circulating "weather" system is created in the fluid medium. But

only half of the pan's bottom surface is heated, the pattern of

will change in complex, but not wholly chaotic (unpredictable) ways. It is
to effect this kind of dynamic pattern change that carefully calculated

of chemtrailed cloud sunblock are introduced in the thermally driven
atmosphere. In this way chemtrailing redirects air-current flows, speeds

slows them, or detains them in places so the air can gain or loose heat

moisture. And when chemtrailing of cloud is done over the sea, the same
principle results in a change in the winds that push surface waters --a
result that puts the immense heat-energy reservoir of the tropical seas at
the disposal of the weather modifiers, giving them the capability of
steering great parcels of warm or cooler sea water from one geographical
region to another -- an action fertile in catastrophic consequences of
terrifying variety.

How Applied Radio Physics "Pulls" Weather Systems

A second meteorological mystery that the clandestine weather modification
thesis explains is the sudden -- almost instantaneous-- disappearance of
cloud before the eyes of amazed onlookers.

This feat is the work of a second technology, one that yields an effect

opposite of that caused by chemtrailing, i.e, it eliminates high-altitude
cloud in order to allow more of the sun's radiant energy to warm a

patch of earth surface more than would occur without this intervention.

cloud-busting- effected heating of patches of surface decreases the

of the air immediately above the patch, causing that air to rise, thereby
creating a low-pressure cell that will pull in (as wind) higher-pressure

adjacent to the patch. (This is like adding extra heat to just one small
spot on the bottom of a pan of water to affect convection patterning.

To gain a better grasp of the physics involved, get a wide cake pan, two

three candles, some liquid food coloring and some candle holders. Place

pan of water over an arrangement of lit candles, then drop in some of the
food coloring so that you can follow the circulation of water in the
fluid "atmosphere." Change the relative locations of the candle-heated

and see how the convective flow patterns change.)

Few meteorologists are familiar with the story of Dr. Florence W. van
Straten and her discovery of "cloud breaking."

Differential heating of parcels of air to quickly dissipate natural cloud

accumulation is a process pioneered in the late 1940's by Dr. van Straten,
then a Navy meteorologist. Van Straten hit upon the idea of using
blowingcarbon black (i.e., soot) into the atmosphere through a section of
stovepipe sticking out the openeddoor of modified Superconstellation
"Hurricane Hunter." Carbon black admits almost no light and is more than

percent efficient in capturing every bit of light energy falling upon

Straten knew that theoretically "a pound of very finely divided carbon
scattered in the bright sunshine picks up enough energy each minute to

the temperature of eleven tons of water from the freezing point to the
boiling point." And even within a cloud, there is still enough light
reflected from water droplets and hitting the carbon particles from all
sides to heat the cloud sufficiently to undo vapor condensation. In the
very first experiment, when a one-pound dose of carbon was ejected into a
cloud formation growing from a base of about 2,500 to a top at about

feet ("with crisp and sharp edges and turrets looking like boiling
cauldrons, stretching upward another thousand feet or so") the carbon took

few minutes to warm, but then the results became dramatic, as recorded

several photo-reconnaissance planes monitoring the experiment. Multiple
motion pictures from different altitudes show "that after several minutes
during which nothing happened, the cloud suddenly spurted upward from a
point just above our flight level. A tunnel formed where we had flown
though the cloud, opening and widening rapidly until the cloud was sliced

two. The upper section darted up several thousand feet, becoming very

and transparent. Moments after its push upwards, it thinned out and was
gone. Almost simultaneously, the bottom half of the cloud turned very dark
and, as though a giant had wiped a sponge over a slate, it, too,
disappeared. The observers were unanimous in testifying that there was
nothing gradual about the process. 'Now you see it. Now you don,t,' the
pilot of a jet plane flying toward the cloud reported." So regardless of
its presence or absence in current journals, technology for removal of
sun-blocking atmospheric cloud by increasing its interior temperature has
been established by the most unassailable criterion; it has been done.

(Perhaps not irrelevant is the fact that van Straten was immediately
reassigned and her project terminated when the first progress report of

revolutionary experiment (including even more impressive replications)
reached the Pentagon; "I was forced to return to Washington because I was
needed (?)and the planes were needed elsewhere... (yet) I was sure I had a
tool for performing significant work in weather modification."
(Note: The question mark in the preceding sentence is van Straten's.)
Source: Florence W. van Straten, Weather or Not, (New York: Dodd & Mead,
1966), chapter 12, "Making and Breaking Clouds."

Clandestine Weather Modification of course does not rely on broadcasting
soot to heat cloud. Advanced radio physics has yielded a technology that
permits high-frequency high-energy waves to be projected to the ionosphere
which in turn serves to reflect and focus excited (heated) electrons and
ions onto 30-mile-diameter targets thousands of miles from the

point. This means of heating objects from a distance gives CWM its
weather-system "pull" in two ways:

1) By heating cloud enough for cloud dissipation to occur, thereby
permitting more of the sun's radiation to reach and heat targeted
earth-surface patches; and

2) By heating those land and sea-surface patches (and maybe the molecules
and ions of the unclouded lower atmosphere itself) directly with

particle streams focused down through an already cloudless upper

(Note: this second technique requires much more transmission energy to
achieve a given amount of CWM pull, as it does not rely on the sun to do

additional "the heavy lifting." (It should also be remarked that the vast
amounts of electrical power this techology requires can, in fact, easily

supplied in abundance by tapping natural gas at oil wells of Alaska's

Slope. In fact,Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has long held a
patent that includes the design of a 40-mile-square transmitter for
ionospheric bombardment utilizing that very source.

The problem of signal processing.

Data collection, data processing, and the faster-than-real-time
modeling-for-prediction of nonlinear dynamical systems (where small

in initial conditions can have incalculably divergent effects if the
"corrective interventions cannot be calculated and applied fast enough are
not a problem for CWM given present known scientific capabilities.

Often presented as insurmountable obstacles for weather modification, the
barriers imposed by tendencies toward fundamental unpredictabilty in

of organized complexity only exist if one is attempting to change weather
too far in the future using only one single intervention applied at time t

0. Clandestine weather modification, in order to work at all, i.e., in

to beat the tendency of nonlinear dynamic systems to chaotic pattern
divergence, must utilize continuous feedback and correction, and this is
exactly what existing weather monitoring instrumentalities andhigh-speed
computers and software have been capable of doing at least since 1992.

Sociological, Political and
Economic Considerations

People in authority within the United States Government and various

non-governmental organizations (NGOs) during the course of World War II

the Cold War have gained managerial control over secret, originally
defense-related applied technologies, including -- as the increasingly
complete historical record now shows -- technologies that afford practical
control of discrete weather events --as the experience of Florence W. van
Straten and the fate of the great weather-modification breakthrough --

should have been the triumph of her career -- described above, vividly

Unfortunately it is in the nature of secrecy in organizations that those
bureaucrats and those CEO's of NGOs who control events through officially
secret means, soon come under strong temptation to employ their

power to affect economic markets for the benefit of their own, i.e., for

people who enjoy the privilege of privately networking "inside" systems of
governance, people accountable to no one but themselves. It is for such as
these that the existence of a secret defense technology for controlling
weather would
present a great "moral hazzard," a temptation to help one's family and
friends to make a lot of money from exclusive knowledge and control of
future weather events.

Weather is the most powerful and volatile variable in the human

system, and as a consequence of this, in the fluctuations of the

and futures markets worldwide.

Weather disasters involve billions of dollars in emergency funds, recovery
loans, and reconstruction investment. Insurance companies are depleted of
capital, marginalizing them as competition for other big players in the
financial markets --cut in their supply of loanable funds amounting

worldwide in the course of the super-weather-disaster- ridden 1990's.

Nor should we overlook the suspicious new "weather derivative" created in
recent years, a financial instrument that permits big finance to package

sell risk-management "bets" on what buyers assume to be crap-shoot "acts

God" or of randomly bridled and unbridled "nature," never suspecting that
the "game" has been loaded by clandestine weather modification. (British
financiers developed the first publically offered weather derivatives, by
the way.)

And finally there is the obvious contingency that giant Wall Street
capitalized agribusiness is able to buy up thousands of acres of small
family farms and Western ranches following economic distress and

of securitized first and second mortgages, when crops fail too many years

a row due to drought, flood, or even merely unseasonable "normal" weather

In all of the above one should keep in mind the economic reality that, in

economic disaster, assets are not destroyed, they merely change hands.

weather ruins crops, but usually leaves the future usefulness of the land
unaffected. What a hurricane destroys in one decade -- temporarily
depressing real estate values, may, ten years later, be the jungle-lush

of multi-billion-dollar up-scale resorts owned by a consortium of global

In short, if one looks for a "bottom-line" incentive that would motivate
of a CWM system that can simultaneously cover larges fractions of
continental and ocean surface with chemtrailed cloud and can utilize
40-square-mile transmitters that suck up tons of North Shore gas volume to
bounce high energy off the ionosphere, be awa more-than- ample economic
exists to make it all worth while.

There you have it -- the bare-bones CWM thesis.

And when you do join this investigation, may you find the rest of us all
discoursing in the spirit of John Stewart Mill when he wrote:

"The only way in which a human being can make some approach to knowing the
whole of a subject is by hearing what can be said about it by persons of
every variety of opinion and studying all modes in which it can be looked

by every character of mind. No wise man ever acquired wisdom in any mode


Dick Eastman
United States
Every man is responsible to every other man


Who was responsible for Michigan's quiet repeal of its entire Weather
Modification Control act in 1990?

From Diane Harvey

The following article is appearing today in the Spotlight. It
is the result of a great deal of time and energy spent in
research by a few highly dedicated people who wish,
understandably, to remain anonymous. It is hoped that
those who read this refuse to be intimidated by the
technological nature of this report. Those who have been
involved in this ongoing story know full well by now that all
the technology which is associated with the appearance
of chemtrails in our skies is extremely sophisticated. It is
up to all of us who care enough about secret government
projects to learn as much as we can about these matters,
even if we feel ourselves poorly equipped to do so. I urge
everyone concerned about the proliferation of ongoing
secret projects in our atmosphere, to take the time to
become acquainted with the information offered in this
document, and to continue to pursue understanding.

(Noter: The Spotlight has been shut down by legal
action involving the hostile takover of the affiliated
corporation followed by judge ruling that Spotlight
had to immediately return funds given by the other
entity before the takeover -- I don't pretend to
understand it -- but I sense it was an "operation"
to silence the paper that both broke the Bilderberg
story to the world and that dared to run articles on
clandestine weather modification.)
Chemtrails Over America
Report #2

Note - We received the following chemtrail 'report' with a
request that the author's name be kept aside. We cannot
validate or verify the data and claims that follow.
Comments are welcome. -ed)

We will talk about four active projects ongoing in the
atmosphere across America now.

The first project is an effort to block the rays of the sun
from hitting the earth including the ultra violet radiation
that will come through without an adequate layer of ozone
in the upper regions above the earth. This, it is hoped, will
lower temperature on the surface of the earth and block
ultra violet radiation from causing skin cancer in humans.
The aerosol is probably aluminum oxide or a compound
that would have similar properties.

The second and most secretive project is the United
States Navy's, RFMP, Radio Frequency Mission Planner,
military program. The RFMP is the system name given to
a group of computer programs and one of the supporting,
subprograms within the RFMP system is called the
VTRPE computer program. VTRPE is an acronym that
stands for Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation, It is
a computer Radio Frequency propagation program that
deals with radio waves and enables the RFMP system to
visually see the battlefield terrain in 3 dimensions (3-D) on
a television screen. The RFMP system also depends on
satellites to feed their images of the battlefield into the
RFMP system to be combined with the battlefield picture
painted from the ground thus producing 3-D images.

By providing an extremely interactive and visual
(television type radar screens) environment, the Radio
Frequency Mission Planner, RFMP system allows the
computer operator to develop familiarity with the "Radio
Frequency" environment before a battlefield war mission
occurs by playing a variety of "what-if" virtual warfare
scenarios on his computer screen. Since all major modes
of Radio Frequency propagation are modeled in his
computer, (RFMP system), special, sometimes counter-
intuitive, cases can be examined in detail and exploited
during a warfare battle mission.

The VTRPE computer program only worked accurately
over water and along coastal areas but not over land
masses because the system's radar waves required an
atmospheric condition known as "ducting", over land, to
operate accurately.

The government and military solved the "ducting" problem
by releasing an aerosol, a mixture of barium salts into the
atmosphere over America. They made an atmospheric RF
duct with a base of barium aerosol from aircraft. The
chemical and electrical characterics of the mixture will
cause water moisture to stay in clouds. Again, the aerosol
sets up an electrical and chemical environment that
supports RF ducting for the RFMP / VTRPE warfare
system. Fibers with barium may support ducting. The
mixture of barium salt aerosol when sprayed in a straight
line will also provide a ducting path from point A to point B
and will enable high frequency communications along that
path, even over the curvature of the earth, in both
directions. Enemy high frequency communications can be
monitored easier with the straight line A to B ducting

Barium salt chemtrails were used to support the Navy's
Radio Frequency Mission Planner over Iraq and Saudi

The third project also utilizes the mixture of barium salts in
the atmosphere. Weather control is a project of the U.S.
Air Force and utilizes Nikola Tesla concepts of radio
frequency radiation (HAARP) against the ionosphere
above the earth and control the jet stream. Fragile life
support systems in our environment are being
manipulated, tested and altered by government for military
advantage. Air Force documents implied, "the risks are
high but the rewards are worth it." The mixture of barium
salts, supporting moisture, is encouraged along the
weather fronts and manipulated in a control fashion. It is
believed microwave energy is also utilized in the weather
control program. Weather data is also a required input to

In the broadest sense, weather- control can be divided
into two major categories: suppression and intensification
of weather patterns. In extreme cases, it might involve the
creation of completely new weather patterns, attenuation
or control of severe storms, or even alteration of global
climate on a far-reaching and/or long-lasting scale. In the
mildest and least controversial cases it may consist of
inducing or suppressing precipitation, clouds, or fog for
short times over a region. Other low-intensity applications
might include the alteration and/or use of near space as a
medium to enhance communications, disrupt active or
passive sensing, or other purposes. The primary areas
include generation and dissipation of precipitation, clouds,
and fog; modification of localized storm systems; and the
use of the ionosphere and near space for space control
and communications domnance.

Perfected weather control technology will enable a military
to withhold rain, cause floods, cause drought, cause
storms, withhold sunshine, damage food crops, and bring
any country to its knees without firing a shot.

The fourth project in the atmosphere is the DARPA,
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, biological
detection and decontamination programs. The program
also utilizes the mixture of barium salts as the base
vehicle in aerosol along with special polymer fibers in the
atmosphere. They have released biologicals into the
atmosphere in trials, testing the detection and
decontamination systems. BCTP oily - water liquid aerosol
is considered a biological decontaminate.

It is believed that barium salt, polymer fibers and other
chemicals, in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that
are either directly or indirectly responsible, for the recent
nationwide epidemic increase in cases of nose bleed,
asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory
symptoms and a noticeable increase in arthritis symptoms,
recently reported nationwide. Chemicals illegally sprayed
into the atmosphere are producing atmospheric and
ground conditions detrimental to human and animal health
but favorable to the growth of harmful molds and fungus.
These conditions are not conducive to good health. The
soluble salts of barium, an earth metal, are toxic in
mammalian systems. They are absorbed rapidly from the
gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the muscles,
lungs, and bone. No case data is available from the
medical community on the long term effects of barium in
the human body.

The programs are secret because the Federal EPA and
State Environmental Quality Agencies need to "not know"
about what the by-products of the metabolites of
biological, illegal and harmful agents are. It is for that
reason the project has been declared secret from the
citizens. It's all illegal under federal and state laws. _____

I can verify independently that the technology for weather control
described above exists and is being used around the world.
I am following this post with a second one that will convince
you of this.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

Two papers by Bernard J. Eastlund:


ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, Published in Proceedings of "Workshop on Space
Exploration andResources Exploitation-Explospace," 20-22 October, 1998,

"The Second Conference on the Applications of RemoteSensing and GIS for
Disaster Management," January 19-21, 1999. Some of the highlights

in these reports a * HAARP* MISSLE SHIELD ANTENNA (terrawatt phased


Eastlund stressed safety as a foremost consideration and stated:

"Since so much reaction has accompanied the HAARP project, which is to be
rated at 3.6 Megawatts cw, compared to the 100 Megawatts to 1 terrawatt of
the initial North Slope Gas Concepts idea base, it is clear that
international cooperation and disclosure must be obtained for future high
power antenna applications no matter how benificial they seem."

"Fortunately, this TSPS (Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite) concept is

part of the military or the government and there is an opportunity to
discuss it, and discard it if that is the best thing to do." Also, in the
first paper, Dr. Eastlund stated, "The public must be involved in the
development of the concept from the start...the public itself must want to
accept the risks involved."

These papers are published here in the interest of public viewing and
evaluation. Many thanks to Dr. Eastlund for permitting us to post these

and for his openness to publish these documents.

Dr. Bernard Eastlund's website:

Space-Based Weather Control - The "Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite"

By Michael Theroux


In a recent correspondence with Dr. Bernard Eastlund (see below), it

that ground based weather control via electromagnetic means have been
surpassed by the newer technology of Solar Power Satellite based systems
which have been designed for a power output of 1000 Megawatts. I think we
can all see where this is going.

HAARP, as we have stated, does not appear to possess the ability to alter
the weather over disparate geographic locations, and has only a minute
ability to do anything locally - but the new satellite systems certainly
would solve that problem. With a fleet of these satellites, it could be
conceivable that the weather over any geographic location could be

at will - provided the system actually works. Borderlands published a book
related to this in 1995 called Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project

and Beyond.

Borderland Sciences has over the years done an extensive observation of

effects of solar activity on the general population with respect to
temperment modification. It has been empirically confirmed that SIDs

Ionospheric Disturbances), and Solar Flux Density increases have the
particular effect of mania on the general populace, while low periods tend

o display a tendency toward depression.

We wonder what effects these new high power satellite systems could have

prevailing psychological states. Although it does not appear intentional,
the ability to alter the moods of populations is one probable side effect

such a modification system. While this is not "mind control" per se, it

open up some interesting possibilities.

Michael Theroux

Many thanks to Dr. Bernard Eastlund for his openness on the subject.

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 23:40:16 EST Subject: HAARP with respect to
Patent #4,686,605

In a message dated 99-01-26 20:52:28 EST, Borderland Sciences writes:

Dr. Eastlund,

I was wondering, since you say HAARP is a small version of what is in your
patent #4,686,605 - what, if any are the potential effects of HAARP on the
weather in its present form of DP, the full DP, and the full IRI?

Our research would indicate that HAARP in all of its developmental and
complete stages will have no effect on the weather, as it is just too

I would appreciate any comments you might have about this.

Michael Theroux

Reply from Dr. Eastlund reprinted with permission:

The plans for HAARP as I understand them are to go to 980 KW this year,

ultimately about 3.6 MW. Significant direct interactions with tropospheric
weather patterns would require power levels of 100 MW or more. However,

at 3.6 MW significant experiments could be performed.

It has also been suggested that upper atmosphere winds (above 50KM) play a
role in the motion of the lower altitude jet stream.(J. R. Herman and R..

Goldbert. sun, Weather and Climate, National Aeronautics and Space
Administration, Washington, D. C. ) Balsley et al have studied the
modulation of the auroral electrojet and found correlation with modulation
of the zonal winds at 88 KM altitude. (B. B. Balsley, et al, 1983. "On the
Potential of Radar Observations for Studying Coupling Processes Between

Ionosphere and the Middle Atmosphere," Weather and Climate Responses to
Solar Variations, Colorado Associated University Press, Boulder, Colorado.

The HAARP antenna as it is now configured modulates the auroral electrojet
to induce ELF waves and thus could have an effect on the Zonal winds.

I recently have revisited the potential for electromagnetic beam
modification of weather in a series of papers written with the support of
the European Space Agency. They asked me to investigate potential
applications in which a Solar Power Satellite was the source of energy.
(They have been designed for 1,000 MW)

I have published two papers on the use of what I call the "Thunderstorm
Solar Power Satellite" and have done numerical simulations of its use to
prevent tornado formation in mesocyclones. They a "Systems

of Weather Modification Experiments Using High Power Electromagnetic
Radiation", Published in Proceedings of "Workshop on Space Exploration and
Resources Exploitation-Explospace 20-22 October, 1998, Cagliari, Sardinia,

Last week I presented:

"Mesocyclone Diagnostic Requirements for the Thunderstorm Solar Power
Satellite Concept" Published in the Proceedings of "The Second Conference

the Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS for Disaster Management", Jan.

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Met Office Briefing 24th? JCW (UK Weather) 0 November 25th 05 12:15 PM
Met Office aviation briefing service improvements Alan Duckers (UK Weather) 6 May 18th 05 09:10 PM

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