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Default I have been missing my dose of wet sheep during all this politicalfarceholing. Can we now have some more comedy of errors ?

It occurred to me as I was listening to a rational explanation of the IPCC:
16:30 into this video, the chart shows unambiguous regularity that is either false or requires explanation.

If the ice-cores are correctly interpreted (by no means a certainty) then the source of such oscillations have to be something with a regularity of clockwork.
The first thing that crossed my mind was celestial input. So what research has been done on the aptly named "Meterology"?

The next thing to occur to me is that wet sheep has been flogging dead fish for rather a long period when you consider his persuasion: Warm weather. So why has he been unable to consider facts?
And what is the knock on effect of this disability where it might apply to the sort of people he has to offer advice to?

I don't wish to have to rationalise on the occupation of a man who issues guidelines to people whose job is handling children but does the team think that perhaps a quiet word should be had with whoever?

The third thing that occurred to me was that he is not in a position to look at the facts rationally because he has gone nearly 10 years without checking them and some might say that he has gone that distance without ever understanding them. It has been so long that his dead fish no longer stink.

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Old June 29th 16, 02:28 AM posted to
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Default Ironic sequestration of fish food in fish as fish and denser that thecloud cover may be more dense that mutton heads

There’s more than one way to feed a phytoplankton bloom in the Gulf of Alaska. Iron, a key nutrient for the growth of these tiny plant-like organisms, can enter the gulf waters from the air—via volcanic eruptions or airborne dust from dry lakebeds and streams. Other times, the nutrient stays closer to the ground, catching a ride to the gulf with the mel****er of thawing glaciers.

The satellite picture shows that there is more fish in the data than water in the air. Not bad for the cloud cover. Despite the fact the area on view is 50:50 iron carbonate and pure hydrogen oxide, the likelihood of the carbon dioxide abstraction being even greater because of the curtain effect of clouds above sea level allows us to surmise Paul Garvey is ignoring the spectacle.

It is unlikely of course the mass of fish pictured is greater than the water content is is replacing, because they are floating. It is not clear however that they are not floating due to carbon dioxide in their bladders.

So I should like to invite Dawlish to guess the hazard or hazard the guess.
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Old June 29th 16, 02:42 AM posted to
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Default Green is the new black

Seiches and whiting events and algae blooms are regular occurrences on Lake Erie. Each of these events can add swirls of color to the blue-green waters of the Great Lakes, as viewed from satellites.

Seiches are wind-driven waves that pile up water on one side of the lake or the other, [why not both?] and the motion of the wind and water often stirs up sediments from the bottom of the relatively shallow lake. Whiting occurs when changes in water chemistry—often spurred by temperature changes—increase the rate of photosynthesis by microscopic marine life and cause a sudden release of calcium carbonate particles just below the surface. Phytoplankton or algae usually start to flourish in June and July in Lake Erie as the water warms and stratifies. Algae tend to peak in August and September.

Who would have though that the environmental politician these days is lauding the sea surface temperature rise as the answer to aparteheid?

Not me, certainly!

The raison d'être for vibrant life in the famously brackish Great Lakes is global warming?
It will be interesting to see how albedo affects SSTs or will the liars be massaging fish figures now?
Just how kinky can they get?
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Old June 29th 16, 06:02 AM posted to
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Default And now for something completely different: The London Dangler

As a welcome change from political history and Wetsheep baiting, I would like you all to go and view your favourite danglers for signs of mammatus. Sorry to have to fall back on the use of female sexual organs as I prefer the more substantial (substantially more substantial.)

Can you tell me if here there be where gainfully employed, that I have seen in god's machine that he is most anoyoyoyed and if its so for you also and every farmer's boy.

The flowerpot men should go to seed over this, if flowerpots can get excited over anything. The careful use of statistics in the 1950's saw to it that the predilection old people had for falling off perches is being revisited on us -sans the mortal aspect. Do they have any chance of being gainfully employed not telling us porkies at last?

And can we get hold of some status-stickyuns to look for reports of mammatus in ports where polar air is producing low hanging overcast. It is just that with god's anger there is a tendency for rebuke to be... rather...
how shall I put this... affirmative. Yes affirmative, that's the spirit.

When god is angry enough because we have been stupid enough, he tends to ride the rage somewhat; sending would be ghost cattle to the sky, as it were.
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Old June 29th 16, 09:03 AM posted to
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Default Garbledine

And finely:
“This is the first time the methane emissions from a single facility have been observed from space,” said David R. Thompson, an atmospheric chemist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and an author of the study. “The percentage of atmospheric methane produced through human activities remains poorly understood. Future satellite instruments with much greater sensitivity can help resolve this question by surveying the biggest sources around the world and helping us to better understand and address this unknown factor in greenhouse gas emissions.”

In case you were wondering if it were possible that flowerpots can be both irresponsible and responsible; the answer is yes, on a magnificent scale.

South California closed its last nuclear reactor a few years ago. The protesters came from all over the Untidy States and forced the issue. According to one commentator they thereafter all went home with mission accomplished on their resumes and a garbage filled and energy deficient bill that financially embarrassed California had to resolve alone.

But not to worry, the flower people will have bigger and better monitors to help them hand out the paper in futu

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