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Default Bush Pal SUN MYUNG MOON's Nuke Subs to Terrorist State

Bush Pal SUN MYUNG MOON's Nuke Subs to Terrorist State

The issue is NOT purple hearts in Viet Nam, but Black Hearts in
Washington D.C.

George Bush buddy Sun Myung Moon gave nuclear weapons submarine
sea-launch technology to North Korea in 1994.


Sun Myung Moon's Japanese Toen Trading company delivered 12 Russian
Golf missile submarines with launch tubes intact. The North Korean
communists studied this technology and adapted their missiles to be
sea launched from surface and submarine platforms. North Korea now has
nuclear weapon strike capability which can reach the continental
United States from sea-based mobile launch facilities at distances of
2,500 miles. This website has clickable links to Sun Myung Moon
subversion sources, documentation, proof.

LINKS -- NK sea-missile capability:

LINKS -- North Korean-born Sun Myung Moon's Toen Trading Submarine

Sun Myung Moon owns the Washington Times newspaper, and he owns the
UPI (United Press International) wireservice. He controls the main
Washington DC conservative propaganda mill. The Washington Times has
been subsidized by over a billion dollars of moonie slave labor. Every
time that a republican politician quotes the Washington Times, or
writes an article or op-ed in it, Sun Myung Moon is made larger in his
brainwashed follower's eyes. Conservatives are so desperate for
propaganda for their agenda that they willingly aid and abet Sun Myung
Moon's organized crime activities in exchange for the help his
organized crime front operations deliver to them.

Sun Myung Moon has paid ex-presidents, such as George Herbert Walker
Bush up to $10,000,000 for photo-op and endorsements, because his
virtually captive followers have very restricted access to news. They
are told that everybody Moon shakes hands with has accepted Moon as
their lord and savior. This global slave labor force replenishes a $10
million expense for faked stage setting photo-op in a couple of days.

LINKS about Moonies, Bush, Washinton Times connections:
The Moonies: Everything you wanted to know about Sun Myung Moon and
the Unification Church
Moonie and Related Links

* The Right Wing Media Conspiracy - How the Moonies and right wing
groups control the media
* Moonies and the Washington Times - The mouthpiece of Sun Myung
* Is George Bush a Moonie? - Bush takes $100,000 to endorse the
* Inside Look at the Moonies - Great article I snagged
* Moonie Front Organizations - 1000 organization that are Moonie
* Consortium News - Very good articles about Moonies and other
right wingers
* Bush and Moon - US CIA and Korean CIA?? GHW Bush Praises Sun
Myung Moon as 'Man of Vision'
* Sun Myung Moon - "the Savior, Messiah and King of Kings of all
of humanity"
* The Bush-Kim-Moon Triangle of Money - the political largesse of
Sun Myung Moon.

Sun Myung Moon crowned as Second Coming in DC

The news of a very strange event that occurred at the end of March,
but was quietly swept under the carpet by the mainstream media, is
just now beginning to leak out. Expect to hear more about it in the
coming days. Here's a preview on what surely must be one of the most
bizarre happenings in the long history of Congressional oddities...

It occurred on March 23, 2004 when Reverend Sun Myung Moon, cultist
leader of the Unification Church (currently known as The Family
Federation for World Peace and Unification), was crowned "King of
Peace" in a coronation ceremony. In his coronation speech, Moon told
the audience that it was now time to officially recognize him as the
returned Messiah.

Moon Crowned in the Capital, [Unification Church] Sun Myung Moon
Crowned 'King Of America' At U.S. Senate Building, Hail to the Moon
king, Moon Over Washington, Sun Myung Moon Crowned Messiah By
Congressmen, Sun Myung Moon crowned as Messiah by U.S. Senate! Moonie
leader 'crowned' in Senate, Sun Myung Moon Crowned Messiah! U.S.
Lawmakers Crown rev. Sun Myung Moon Messiah! Here's a guy the
Republicans don't want us to know about. (Actually, it was a democrat
conservative, to the great relief of republican conservatives, who
placed the crown on Moon, in this hoax ceremony. In Moon's world he
replaces all governments with his Taliban, so Republicans and
Democrats all will be liquidated.

The quaint mass marriage ceremonies of the Moonies has another
significance: these represent thousands upon thousand upon thousands
of members of an organized crime empire, as dedicated as body-bomb
suicide muslims, to the eccentric whims of this visibly insane man.
Moonies surreptitiously swell rallies for rightwing causes, clog the
internet forums with their unshakable propaganda-mongering which
cannot be reasoned with, vote as a block and move across state lines
to do it. They even move across international boundaries to meddle in

Moonies also collaborate with other organized crime rings for mutal

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