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Default El Nino declared by NOAA.

On Tuesday, 30 April 2019 10:28:59 UTC+1, N_Cook wrote:
On 30/04/2019 08:14, wrote:
Five overlapping 3-month periods, so the criterion has been achieved.

Looks like it may last longer than was being predicted too. Global temperatures, in this weak El Nino, will be very interesting.

And rising.
A few spot values from pixel counting for more recent values to feed
into the rolling quarter means.
2019year-day, SST anomaly
91, +0.93 deg C
112, +0.93
119, +0.91
(but the first few +2 degree bin pixels in the output yesterday,119)
off the twice weekly NOAA global SST nightime anomaly output chart,
for the "El Nino " sea-area defined here
Just because NOAA declares it is somewhat irrelevant, its been affecting
things since (NH) autumn of last year, but it could have been just a
short term blip for NOAA purposes.
See the exagerated (because only surface waters affected) on the Jason3
altimetry data for global sea level rise.
Interestingly is it/will it ? be affecting global sea-ice
(removing seasonality option ,as relatively greater than ENSO effects)
because of the recent years relative lack of and degraded strength of MYI..
Charctic shows the sea-ice deficit is truly global, affecting Arctic and
Antarctic at the same time, but opposite seasons.
And not be a short-term amelioratable exageration like apparent
overplayed SLR? Fascinating we can observe this sort of stuff from the
comfort of our non-floating, non-melted armchairs.

Yes, Thanks. I saw your post and it prompted me to look. Your info on global dea Ice is a very useful reminder too. Cause and effect. How established is it here?

What we can be sure of is that global sea ice will continue to decrease over the course of an extended period, both in the Artic and in the Antarctic and Global temperature records will be set regularly. There is no way out of Global Warming and mainstream science's warnings MUST be taken seriously, fully seriously, by governments worldwide and (very expensive and difficult) action MUST be taken to give future generations a chance.

Forget the naysayers and deniers. Their time has been.