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Default Tropical Storm Sergio: Baja California warned of flooding, mudslides

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Subject: Tropical Storm Sergio: Baja California warned of flooding, mudslides
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Tropical Storm Sergio: Baja California warned of flooding, mudslides
Full story:

Sergio has weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm and is expected
to reach Baja California in the early hours of Friday, bringing heavy
rains, the National Hurricane Center said.

A tropical storm watch is in effect for both coasts of the Baja
California peninsula. Storm conditions could begin on the Pacific side
by late Thursday afternoon.

About 800 miles southwest of the peninsula Ts tip on Wednesday evening,
Sergio had maximum sustained winds of 65 mph and was moving northwest at
14 mph, the hurricane center said. Landfall is expected Friday morning
shortly after midnight on the central peninsula, in the area of the
Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve.

It will continue across the Gulf of California to the state of Sonora,
passing over Guaymas and Hermosillo, then on to El Paso, Texas.

Sergio is expected to bring 3 to 5 inches of rain to most areas it
passes over, with up to 10 inches in some areas of Baja California and
the state of Sonora.

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