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Default Heavy rain in south Wales

On Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 5:43:57 PM UTC+1, Len wrote:
On Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 12:49:37 PM UTC+1, Freddie wrote:
On Sunday, 12 August 2018 11:57:21 UTC+1, Graham Easterling wrote:
On Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 10:37:05 AM UTC+1, Freddie wrote:
I recorded 68.2 mm at my site in the 24 hours ending at 0900z. I wasn't the highest, though. A place called Llety Brongu (which is in the valley of the Llynfi river, near Maesteg - about 8 miles to the southwest of Ystrad) had recorded 75.0 mm up to 0700z. I don't know what their 09-09 total was, though, and have no other figures to hand.

Puts my 25.2mm into perspective!

Penzance A vastly better day - currently

Just a typical wet day here, Graham :-) I actually recorded more on 29th July - 69.8 mm. No real impacts here as it is a fairly normal total - the river rose about a metre for a short while.

Not that I'm used to it - having lived in the Shropshire/Powys rain shadow for the past 25 years.

148m AMSL for hourly reports (no wind measurement currently)

36.4 mm here on SW Devon coast.
Now that is wet for us.
Not a 24 hr record though.
That was 48.6 mm 0n 25th Aug 1986.

Wembury, SW Devon
83 m asl

I'm surprised you've not had a wetter day.
My wettest 09:00-09:00 days
13/11/02 84.5mm (near 200mm near St Ives. where there was severe flooding 1 month after the opening of the big flood prevention scheme - someone forgot to turn the pumps on - allegdly))
24/04/09 65.2mm
14/09/00 62.8mm
31/12/02 62.5mm

My wettest day ever was when I was in Wootton Bassett (promoted to Royal after I left) when 90.2mm fell in 2 hours. Now that was exciting.

Decent enough day here today, much less wind & dry (since 09:00) with sunny intervals. Temperature topped 20C after yesterdays 19.2C the lowest max of the month.