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Default Japan tackles rescue, cleanup from massive damage from rain

Japan tackles rescue, cleanup from massive damage from rain
Full story:

People prepared for risky search and cleanup efforts in
southwestern Japan on Monday, where several days of heavy rainfall had
set off flooding and landslides in a widespread area. Japanese media
reports said 88 people died and 58 people were missing. Some residents
in Hiroshima prefecture said they were caught off guard as the region
was not used to torrents of rainfall, which began Friday and worsened
through the weekend. Rivers overflowed, turning towns into lakes,
leaving dozens of people stranded on rooftops.

Military paddle boats and helicopters were bringing people to dry land.
In Hiroshima, water streamed through a residential area, strewn with
fallen telephone poles, uprooted trees and mud. Some homes were smashed.
Others were tilting precariously. "It gives me a chill thinking what
could have happened," said Eiko Yamane, who recalled realizing how
suddenly water was seeping the tires of the car she was driving. She was
able to escape. "Hiroshima prefecture is normally blesse

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