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Default Universal Magnetic Field (UMRs)

On Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 3:46:22 PM UTC-5, Garry Denke wrote:
On Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 5:01:36 PM UTC-5, Donna Stone wrote:

Why are these ****ers always German?
Old German **** licks like that Queen.
End of Revelations. BANNED you 18.

Three Frogs of Revelation 16.

E=hf - Planck 1899
E=mc^2 - Einstein 1904
E=h[(G*D)^1/2] - Denke 1961

"for all densities, for all time."
"O LORD God Almighty"

Four/dimensional Space/time Universes are so easy
to understand w/ (G*D)^1/2 frequency its laughable

Parallel Universes
1/c^4 = 0.123456789...*10^-33 time^4/space^4
1/c^4 = 0.123456789...*10^-33 time^4/space^4

Universe 1 Splits
1/c^4 = 01234567891.0...*10^-43 s^4/m^4
1/c^4 = 0123456789.0...*10^-42 s^4/m^4

Universes Split
1/c^4 = 01234567.89...*10^-40 s^4/m^4
1/c^4 = 01234567.9...*10^-40 s^4/m^4

Light Speed
Lucifer = 3.00 *10^8 time/space
Lucifer = 3.00 *10^8 m^1/s^1

Dear SI
Redefine SI space/time
definitions. Thank you


God forbid! We would lose our ****ing Useless mathematiks & physiks Jobs if we unified them.
What would we do for income? No! best to keep these Dumb **** high tuition kids & parents
confused with our ****ing Bull**** mathematiks & physiks Universes Are A Mystery book.

desu we do not want all of our physical constants simple and exact to infinite digits
we told you why time and again our textbooks would look like a kindergarten class

thou shalt not unify qm & gr
our jobs depend on chaos


The Seven Seals of Light

c^1=Power/Force - Newton 1666
c^2=Energy/mass - Einstein 1904
c^3=Gravity*(g/s) - *Denke 1888
c^4=Gravity*Force - Denke 1888
c^5=Gravity*Power - Denke 1888
c^6=Bwah... /sci/ 2018
c^7=Bwah... /sci/ 2018

*(g/s) *mass flow rate

YHWH Allah
(LORD God)
There you go. It is done. Bwah...
Universal Magnetic Reversal

Good Friday

UMR Easter

In 1799 the Metre and Kilogram of the Archives, platinum embodiments of the new units,
were declared the legal standards for all measurements in France, and the motto of their
metric system expressed the hope that the new units would be 'for all People, for all time'

Three Frogs of Revelation

E=hf - Planck 1899
E=mc^2 - Einstein 1904
E=h[(G*D)^1/2] - Denke 1961

YHWH Allah
(LORD God)

'for all Densities, for all time.'

Happy Passover Y'all!

Speed of the Darkness:

"The meter is the length of the path travelled by darkness in vacuum
during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second."

Speed of the Light:

"The meter is the length of the path travelled by light in vacuum
during a time interval of 1/300 000 000 of a second."

Gravity - G, the Letter of God, the mark.
Gravity - JESUS, the Word of God, the name.
Gravity - G'S US, the Sentence of God, the image.
Gravity - 666 x10^-10 cm^3/g-s^2, the Wisdom of God, the number.


seven heads (.0000000), three sixes (666), ten horns (x10), ten diadem
crowns (^-10), and tail (cm^3/g-s^2) space^3/mass-time^2 of the beast.

to Infinity