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Default Universal Magnetic Field (UMRs)

Why are these ****ers always German?
Old German **** licks like that Queen.
End of Revelations. BANNED you 18.

Three Frogs of Revelation 16.

E=hf - Planck 1899
E=mc^2 - Einstein 1904
E=h[(G*D)^1/2] - Denke 1961

"for all densities, for all time."
"O LORD God Almighty"

Four/dimensional Space/time Universes are so easy
to understand w/ (G*D)^1/2 frequency its laughable

Parallel Universes
1/c^4 = 0.123456789...*10^-33 time^4/space^4
1/c^4 = 0.123456789...*10^-33 time^4/space^4

Universe 1 Splits
1/c^4 = 01234567891.0...*10^-43 s^4/m^4
1/c^4 = 0123456789.0...*10^-42 s^4/m^4

Universes Split
1/c^4 = 01234567.89...*10^-40 s^4/m^4
1/c^4 = 01234567.9...*10^-40 s^4/m^4

Light Speed
Lucifer = 3.00 *10^8 time/space
Lucifer = 3.00 *10^8 m^1/s^1

Dear SI
Redefine SI space/time
definitions. Thank you


God forbid! We would lose our ****ing Useless mathematiks & physiks Jobs if we unified them.
What would we do for income? No! best to keep these Dumb **** high tuition kids & parents
confused with our ****ing Bull**** mathematiks & physiks Universes Are A Mystery book.

desu we do not want all of our physical constants simple and exact to infinite digits
we told you why time and again our textbooks would look like a kindergarten class

thou shalt not unify qm & gr
our jobs depend on chaos