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Default Universal Magnetic Field (UMRs)

On Monday, March 12, 2018 at 5:55:02 PM UTC-5, Denoco Inc. wrote:
Universal Magnetic Field (UMRs)

Garry Denke's meteorite from Mars was found in March, 1977, while conducting an Arizona State University (ASU) graduate level class (GLG 518) geophysical survey for the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, at the proposed Orme Dam site in Maricopa County, Arizona. The refractive seismic survey (sledge energy source) analysis report concluded that particular Salt River area east of Phoenix unstable, due to a major fault detection. The Bureau of Reclamation abandoned the proposed Orme Dam site, but Maricopa County's Mars meteorite found in March was not abandoned. Housed in 1977 at the Sigma Chi Fraternity, 606 Alpha Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85281, the meteorite collection was appropriately named MAR77001 (MARicopa County, MARch, 1977, MARs meteorite No. 1, by its founder, Garry Denke, geology / geophysics student, and relocated to ASU's Geology Building for analysis by optical mineralogy.

MAR77001, the same meteorite which contained the first known tangible direct detection evidence of the subject magnetic field of Mars, through observed reversed mineral alignments in thin section under polarizing microscope, also proved a polarity reversal, similar to those observed in the geologic record of the Earth, occurred in the geologic record of Mars. More profound was the implication that MAR77001 expanded the polarity reversal record to a broader scope, one which timed such polarity reversals as coinciding geomagnetic events. These events were coined "universal magnetic reversals" in Garry Denke's 1977 paper, "The Magnetic Field of Mars", which earned a "B" grade (expectation for Applied Geophysics was an "A" grade). Accordingly, meteorite MAR77001 was hacksawed in half resulting in Garry Denke's two (2) meteorites from Mars, "A" and "B". Catalogued Mars meteorite MAR77001"A" (505 grams) and Mars meteorite MAR77001"B", along with six (6) thin sections catalogued Mars meteorites MAR77001"C"-"H", the collection "B" through "H" was mailed to its rightful owner, U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. "A" was conferred upon its rightful owner, in May, 1977, and is currently housed at Denoco Inc. of Texas warehouse, Baylor County.

In chronological order of discovery, the Maricopa County Mars meteorites catalogued collection would be listed between the Zagami Mars meteorite found in October, 1962, at Zagami Rock, Katsina Province, Nigeria, and ALHA77005 Mars meteorite found in December, 1977, Allan Hills, Victoria Land, Antarctica. In July, 1997, over twenty (20) years after the first direct detection of The Magnetic Field of Mars through Maricopa County's Mars meteorite, and two (2) months before the Mars Global Surveyor direct measurement of the subject magnetic field, Denoco Inc., a Texas oil operator, and its president, Garry Denke, geologist / geophysicist, republished the findings in Usenet at sci.geo.meteorology. In September, 1997, the U.S. Mars Global Surveyor's magnetometer confirmed that Garry Denke's U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation's Maricopa County meteorite from Mars was indeed the first known tangible direct detection evidence of Mars' magnetic field as reported by

Universal Magnetic Reversals

Recharging the Galaxies & Planets magnetic shields
Exhuming, universal magnetic reversal, Recharging

When you see the Heel Stone at Stonehenge moved, the Mishkan thereunder Surfaced, and a continuing Dimming of Light universally, BE SURE TO SHUT DOWN ALL Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic systems; Universal Magnetic Reversal recharge by EMP set to occur in LESS THAN 72 HOURS after said Surfaced Mishkan time (UTC) at said Stonehenge Heel Stone.

All of the above Have been notified.

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